MLF Journal

Adeline Vintage Fabric Sneakers - Now in!

Most Sundays (pre-lockdown), my favourite thing to do was wander around a flea market with a giant fresh lemonade from one of the food trucks, and browse through the tables and racks, loaded with history, craftsmanship and inspiration.


People watching/having outfit envy was also a great side-bar perk.
I've long since held the opinion that people who shop at thrift stores, flea markets and antique stores offer the best insight into which trends are coming next; these wonderfully creative individuals have decided there's something they want to wear/furnish their house with, but they can't find it in 'regular' stores, so they trawl the markets to scratch that purchasing itch. 

I'm also of the opinion that old stuff is just better; better made, more individual, more environmentally friendly, and often cheaper than buying new.  

One of the few 'old' things that I buy less frequently is shoes. Mainly because I have big feet (size 9) so I rarely find vintage shoes I can squeeze into, and also because on the rare occasion that I do find old shoes to fit, they are either super crusty, and not something I want to put my feet into, or they fall apart after one wear. 
This is one of the main reasons I started Miss L Fire - to make shoes (in all sizes) with the kind of detail and quality usually only found in Vintage shoes, and I hope that is what we have continued to do.
However, we recently came up with an idea to go one step further on this...
Over many years, I amassed quite a collection of vintage fabrics. If I saw a piece of fabric I liked the look of, (anything from Victorian lace to 80's splash print), I'd buy it. My rationale was that 'it will come in handy for something'. 
When the pandemic hit, one of our lovely factories in Spain, with whom we had ordered a cute lo-fi canvas oxford lace up, told us that whilst they were only closing for a couple of weeks, their fabric suppliers were planning on closing for much longer. This meant that our factory would have workers show up to work, but there would be nothing for them to make, which was going to hit them hard, financially.
So we came up with a solution. I raided my vintage fabric collection, sent it to our factory, and our Adeline sneaker was born (incidentally named after my step-daughter, who just refuses to wear 'girly' shoes). 
Each pair of Adeline's are unique - quantities are EXTREMELY limited (there was only enough of some of the vintage fabrics to make three pairs), so if you like them (which we hope that you do), order right away as these are genuinely made with vintage fabrics from my own collection, and we cannot re-make these prints.
Search the  style name 'Adeline' on our website to see all of the extremely limited edition  prints available.  
Thanks for reading, and as always, thank you for supporting Miss L Fire, and when it's safe to visit flea markets / antique markets again, please see a list of my favorites below. 
XOXO, Lynsey.