MLF Journal

Behind the Scenes at our latest editorial shoot - with our model, and small business owner, Mikelle Roest.

With the Global Pandemic now well into it's 13th month, we kept our latest Editorial shoot closer to home. Actually, not just close -  atmy home. 

When planning our latest editorial shoot, we knew we wanted a truly home-spun, natural vibe, reflective of the at-home cocoon that we have all wrapped around ourselves this past year.

As with most L Fire shoots, we were also keen  to feature a 'real' person, with their own story to share, as our model. 

Enter Mikelle Roest - super cute, rock-and-roll Instagrammer with her own eco-conscious vegan candle business. We reached out to her to ask how she would feel about modelling some gorgeous, dreamy outfits, courtesy of another fave small business of ours, and of course, Miss L Fire shoes. Happily, she agreed, and we'll be sharing the results of our beautiful shoot with her and photographer @susieq, over the coming weeks. 

We also managed to squeeze in some time to ask her a few questions about her business and grab some style tips (that hair ❤️!). 

 Tell us a little about your business – the brand name, when you started it and why?

Our candle companys' name is Odd Bird Candle Co. My fiancé and I launched it in spring 2020. We’ve both always wanted to start our own little business and because I love candles so much, I thought why not make them. However, it was a strange yet beneficial time to start up because that was when Covid-19 started coming around which also effected my fiancé’s main career as a musician.

What’s special/ unique about the products you make?

Something that is kind of unique about our candles is the wooden wick. Although wooden wicks are becoming a bit more popular, you still don’t see them as much. Wooden wicks are eco-friendly and non-toxic compared to some of the other wicks out there. They also make a crackling sound when lit, which I think is so neat! We’re doing our best to make our candles as clean burning, vegan and non-toxic as possible, as well as sustainably sourced.

What challenges did you face when setting up your business, and what advice would you give to anyone considering setting up a small business?

Honestly, the biggest challenge was opening during Covid-19. It was tough to get the materials we needed; we’re still struggling to do so which is why we’re taking a short break at the moment to allow us to re-stock materials.

Another challenge was learning the process of making candles, we did a ton of research on the best products and materials to use and how to create them. It is not as simple as melting wax and adding fragrance… definitely a science behind it, but we tested a lot and finally figured out the best recipe that works for us.

Where can we buy your products?

You can find our candles online atwww.oddbirdcandleco.comOnce we get fully started back up, we hope also to be stocked in some boutique stores.

If you could choose any celebrity as a ‘brand ambassador’ for your candles, who would that be and why?

This is a tough one because I’ve never thought about this before. Maybe Maisie Williams (Arya from Game of Thrones). Not only does she have a great sense of style, but I can also stand behind her with some of the things she does to improve our world. Her and her partner also have their own clothing line, so she knows what it’s like to run a small business and I’d love the opportunity for a collab!

You were our model on our most recent Miss L Fire shoot (thank you!). We were all obsessing over your amazing hair and gorgeous skin! What are your go-to hair and beauty product recommendations?

You all are too kind, thanks for having me out!

I have to give all the credit to my amazing stylist Brian, for my hair. I have 3 different brands for hair products that I tend to rotate: Xmondo Hair, Odele, and Ouai. From Xmondo I truly love their Wavetech product which helps define waves and their Viper hair oil. With Odele, I love their Air Dry Styler when I let my hair air dry and my favorite product from Ouai is their Wave Spray which I use after styling.

As for beauty products… I feel like I’ve simplified my beauty routine as I’ve gotten older. I tend to use Glossier’s tinted skin moisturizer. I love The Ordinary’s Skincare line, as well as Youth To The People.

You looked absolutely amazing styled in the gorgeous clothes by @shopserafina which we borrowed for our shoot, and of course in Miss L Fire shoes  -  How would you describe your OWN personal style?

Thanks so much! It was so fun and glamorous being styled in their clothes and your shoes! I must say that my every-day style is quite different from what I wore in the photoshoot. I’m not too sure how I’d define my own style; I suppose it would be more casual – girly meets grungy meets street.

You live in Orange County, California – which places do you always recommend to anyone visiting from other states / countries?

Growing up in Orange County I always felt like there wasn’t much to do, however we have beautiful beaches like Laguna Beach and amazing food spots like Shorebird in Newport Beach. My fiancé and I are big food people and love finding new spots in the area to try.

What’s the first thing you plan to do once ‘lockdown’ measures are finally over?

Either go to the first concert that comes to my area or travel somewhere. We’ve been wanting to go to Japan for the longest time, so maybe that’s what I’ll do!