MLF Journal



The challenging last few months have meant many changes in all of our lives.

Coming into Autumn, we wanted to share our reflections on the past few months, and the changes we have made to keep our beloved Miss L Fire alive.

We, like most people, were forced to take a step back from the usual, frenetic life and work pace that we’d known for so long. At first, this was a little frightening, but as time went on, we learned new ways of working, and we learned to slow down. For an energetic, small fashion business, this very much went against the grain, but gradually, we have found many positives in a slower pace, and have embraced it.

We have examined and re-evaluated everything we do. We have also listened even more closely to you, our wonderful customers, in order to better understand what you want from us during these very turbulent times.

We have never been, nor ever wanted to be, a fast-fashion brand; we have always focused purely on creating beautiful shoes, which we ourselves want to wear.

With this heritage in mind, we will move forward with a more season-less approach; focusing on our ‘Icons’ and adding in new styles, only when we feel the time is right, throughout the year, as opposed to large, seasonal twice-yearly collections.

This unexpected pause has forced us to reflect and focus more on what is important to us, and to you.

We have also moved towards producing our collections in some incredible factories, much closer to home, with some styles produced in South America, and others in Europe. We will no longer travel half way across the globe, and neither will our shoes.

By working with intimate, artisanal factories, we can place smaller orders – eliminating any over-buying, and focusing even more on quality, and sustainability.

We have pushed ourselves in terms of creativity, and have embraced new technologies to allow us to work more efficiently, and safeguard the jobs, and the brand that we love.



Whenever you buy a pair of Miss L Fire shoes, know that you are directly helping us to survive this most difficult time, and we cannot emphasise enough how much our small team appreciates this. Thank you.

Embracing the idea of mixing new technology with nostalgia, we shot our newest campaign using analogue film; lo-fi styling inspired by vintage aesthetics.

Film photography has a certain magic, raw and dreamy, which cannot be replicated in digital photography, which is something we adore.

We turned to our own backyard as the setting, shooting all photos ourselves, modelled by ourselves, in our beloved London.

Our shoes are all about the details, and our new campaign reflects this.

We re-imagined our classics in beautiful new materials; embossed snake prints, luxurious mother-of-pearl, and new metallic hues.

Whilst our shoes are certainly meant to be special, we also value versatility and comfort; each style is carefully designed to look equally good dressed up, or down; with casual pants for daytime, or a glamorous dress for that rare night out. 



We are excited to share our new releases with you, and we thank you once again for your continued support, your words of encouragement, and the constant inspiration our Miss L Fire community brings to us. We are most grateful.




Miss L Fire.