MLF Journal

Goodbye 2020 - An open letter from Miss L Fire

I think it is safe to assume that for most of us, 2020 has not exactly been a stellar year.

As the year comes to an end, it’s hard to believe that we have all been living with the immense, often heartbreaking and life-changing upheaval which COVID-19 has brought to us, for almost a year.  

I can tell you, that there were many occasions this past year on which we didn’t know if we would be able to continue with our beloved brand – both from a financial, and an emotional perspective. It’s been hard.

Earlier this year, our ‘global’ team was comprised of six, extremely hard-working women. We are now down to four. Letting go two of our team members was certainly the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do; our team is very much like a family and this hurt more than I can ever adequately describe.

But we know that we are not the only business to have to make such agonising choices this year.  As I said, it’s been hard.

However, thanks to you, our amazing customers, we are still here, alive and kicking, albeit with a few extra bruises.

We make every effort to thank each one of you every time you place an order with us – and I personally wanted to thank you all again, today.

Know that when you spend your hard-earned pounds euros or dollars with us, you are helping to keep Miss L Fire alive, and on a more personal note, you are keeping our L Fire family together – keeping our team of four in work, at a job we all love, bringing gorgeous, original, quality shoes to you.  We will only survive this coming year with your continued support.

We know that our shoes are not cheap but know that we do absolutely everything possible to make sure that our designs and the quality of our shoes means that they are well worth that extra spend.

We are always delighted when we hear from customers who tell us that they still have L Fire shoes from 10+ years ago, and that they still wear them, and they still look great.

We very much believe in slow fashion. In creating shoes which withstand the tides of fashion in both styling and durability. We believe in buying less and buying better.

We do our very best to offer a variety of price points, but quality does cost a little more; if you are able, please consider supporting us, and similar small businesses whether we are on sale or not. Jeff Bezos will be OK without your order – your favorite small business may not.

Indeed, we will only survive this coming year with your continued support.

Going forward into 2021, we’re moving towards bringing in new styles gradually, rather than all at once. We will be asking your opinions more often, so that you will have a say on what we design, and what we order, and when we order it.

We will be making every effort to show you how the shoes look on the feet, on real people, not models, so that you have a better idea of which styles will work best for you. 

We also know that your needs are changing; maybe you will continue to work from home more (L Fire slippers, anyone)?

Whatever the ‘new normal’ looks like, we want to hear from you so that we know what kind of shoes you’ll need to fit your adjusted life.  You can contact us with suggestions at:-

UK :-


We have always been an eco-conscious brand; we have used recyclable packaging from day one, and we have never over-ordered or sent shoes to landfill. We sell or donate any surplus samples or ends of lines so that every shoe we produce is worn and (hopefully) loved.

We will continue to endeavor to be better, not just with our shoes, but also socially and environmentally.

We are working on more shoes using recycled fabrics, and we are constantly on the look- out for ways to bring truly Vegan options to you, which don’t just lazily substitute leather for plastic.

Our packaging is still recyclable, and some is made with recycled materials. Overall, our packaging is 98% plastic free. We are looking for ways to make this 100%.

Our web order bags are compostable.

We are always searching for better materials, and methods of manufacture to refine our brands’ quality and design whilst minimizing its environmental impact.

Whenever we have something new to share with you, and ask your advice on, we will.

We are now producing ALL of our products closer to home, in both Europe and South America, with factories who have been our friends for many years.

We will no longer be producing any of our shoes in Asia – a tough decision, since the factories we worked with were amazing, but we’ve come to realise that when we do travel again, we want to travel less, and keep everything we do, a little closer to our homes. 

We can’t wait to be able to see people, and places once again and hopefully we’ll have new opportunities to meet more of you in person.

In the meantime, stay safe, Happy Holidays, and thank you, most sincerely, for your support.

Love, Lynsey.

                  Lynsey                                   Damiana                                        Jocelyn                                        Ashleigh
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