Hackney Area Guide

Palm Vaults
To begin my morning exploring the London borough of Hackney, I first ventured to a café called Palm Vaults. This adorable vintage-inspired coffee shop is equipped with plush seating and has beautiful greenery draped from the ceiling and all around the café. Palm Vaults’ menu is plant-based and they specialize in making pastel-colored drinks, such as tonic lattes, which get their coloring from fresh, vegetarian ingredients like beet root. When I went into the shop, I was feeling in a pink mood, so I ordered a velvet rose tonic latte which was composed of beetroot, oat milk, agave, and organic rose water. To eat, I got a rose and clementine cake. The tonic latte was unlike anything I have had before, and at first, I was unsure how I felt about the flavoring. However, I ended up enjoying the drink a lot and finishing my glass. The rose and clementine cake was sweet and delicious and a treat I would definitely recommend!
Grace and Thorn
Next, I went to Grace and Thorn, a florist and plant shop that sells a variety of arrangements from signature bouquets to arrangements for weddings. Inspired by a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree at her grandparents’ house, Grace and Thorn’s owner has the mission of inspiring other city-dwellers to see plants in a different way, transform their gardens away from rows of the same boring shrubbery, and to start their own plant stories.
Black Truffle
Finally, I went into a boutique called Black Truffle which carries Miss L Fire shoes! Although I was disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to meet the owner of Black Truffle, Melissa, and hear first-hand from her what inspired her to open the shop, I was able to speak with a Black Truffle employee who told me she loves Miss L Fire and feels that the brand fits well with the image and style of Black Truffle. While Black Truffle is relatively small in size, they have quite a variety of designer shoes, clothes, and accessories. An interesting fact about Black Truffle is that in addition to their normal store operation, they also offer shoe making classes from their store and tutu making classes from a nearby studio!