How to Pair Socks and Shoes

Socks get a bit of a bad rap—the Christmas present from our childhood nightmares, the thing that’s always getting lost in the dryer, not to mention the dreaded duo of socks and sandals. How many times have you thought about wearing a certain pair of shoes but then decided against it because it was a bit chilly out and your socks would look funny with them? But I think we’re just looking at socks the wrong way. We should see them as an option for fun experimentation rather than a fashion hindrance. Here’s three ways to style your Miss L Fire kicks with trendy socks!


Match a pair of glittery socks with our silver Amber to give your vintages shoes a young, playful edge. 



Knee socks aren’t just for school uniforms! A pair layered under trousers adds some warmth during the cold winter months and the peek of stripes adds interest to outfits that could otherwise be a bit plain.



Even bolder shoes like our Selina’s still can be worn with socks—choose a patterned pair for a quirky party look.



How do you dress up for Miss L Fire footwear with socks? We’d love to see, so tag us on instagram @misslfire!