MLF Journal

Introducing - Luxe Lounge, by Miss L Fire

I don't know about you, but I'm  getting to the point where I can't quite remember what life was like P.C (pre-Covid).

What I do know is that the phrase 'home comforts' has taken on a whole new meaning. Since none of us is partying (yet) like it's 1999, we've taken to making the absolute most of our home surroundings. 

For me, once my work-day is done, that means going from pulling up the odd weed in the yard, as was my gardening skills 13 months ago, to full on vegetable patch production. I've also re-discovered sewing and have tried my hand at bread-making.

But though I have thoroughly embraced Cottage-core, this doesn't mean I want to hang around the house looking, well, like I'm hanging around the house. 

I share very few physical similarities with the great Dolly Parton (sadly for me), but I do have in common with her the fact that I rarely step outside before I've got my face on, or my hair done.  Same applies to getting dressed; I don't want to look over-done, or that I am about to head to The Ritz for cocktails, but I DO want to look nice.

This is where our new Luxe Lounge styles are just PERFECT. Seriously - I'm in LOVE! I can throw on a pair of jeans and a plain white tee, but with these on my feet I feel twinkle-toed, and like the exact amount of appropriate effort has been made. The splash of color, the delicate needle-point embroidery, the comfy low heels - these feel like house shoes comfort wise, but look like dancing slippers at a 'Marie Antoinette' level.  

These will take you from your Zoom to meeting, straight to outdoor dining in one seamless sashay. Luxe Lounge are the shoes you need now. Trust me.

Delivery w/c April 26th