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L Fire loves... Where Hayley goes!

An L Fire Lover and road trip adventurer. We caught up with Hayley @wherehayleygoes to relieve the wanderlust we've all been feeling in the last year.


Hey Hayley, what made you start travel writing?


Travel is my biggest passion, I always feel the most inspired when travelling whether near or far. I’ve always loved sharing travel experiences and stories of trips with friends and family and quite often through photos and stories on social media. 


People often ask for advice if they’re planning a similar trip or visiting a country for the first time and I feel it’s a nice way of sharing my personal travel experiences along with any hints or tips that will help others have a great experience too. 


Most of all it’s really nice to look back and reminisce, to simply remember how you felt in the moment on a trip and all the little details you often forget as time goes by.




We’ve been following you and ‘Audrey’ road tripping to some amazing places, how have you found your escapism during these times out of the ordinary?


It’s been really great to explore more on my own doorstep, I’ve had the chance to fully appreciate some amazing spaces close to home that often I’d have overlooked pre-pandemic, most of them have been on foot so it’s been nice to let Audrey have a little rest, although I am very much looking forward to road-trips again soon! 


I’ve also used this time to reflect on past adventures and to really appreciate the freedom we had before these times, from finally getting round to sticking holiday memories into photo albums, reading up on places still yet to explore, to cooking up a favourite holiday dish (gnocci and an aperol spritz will always take me straight back to the beautiful amalfi coast).


I guess we’ve had to escape in many different ways while staying at home but it’s also been a great way of being creative too.



You are also a cabin crew member which must have given you the possibility to reach incredible places in pre-pandemic  How do you see the future of travelling?


I am feeling really optimistic about the future of travel, it hasn’t been the easiest of rides for the industry this past year but I have no doubt that it will pull through. People will want to travel again, we gain so much from travelling from learning about different cultures, feeling inspired when exploring new places and even keeping connected with friends and family overseas. 


I feel that there will still be certain restrictions going forward and the rules on where we can/ can’t travel may change over time as they did last year, but once there’s a clear window for travelling, I have no doubt that people will want to get away and enjoy themselves in a safe way as soon as it’s possible.


I just can’t wait to be able to get back flying and take people on holiday again, I miss being a part of that exciting experience on the way to their dream destination and most of all hearing all about the lovely memories people have created on holiday on the journey back home.



We used to find great inspiration during our trips and we hope to find more again soon! We also think this could happen everywhere, even on your doorstep - what is your most memorable trip that has mostly influenced your character and inspired you?


My most memorable trip has to be the Winter of 2018/19 when I had the opportunity to live and work in Gothenburg, Sweden for 4 months as part of my role as cabin crew. 


It was both scary and exciting to embark on a new adventure in another country and looking back now I feel so grateful to have had the chance. I’d often fly from minus figures and snow in Sweden to plus figures and sunshine in destinations in Asia, with the odd trip back to home comforts in between. 


In those 4 months I really gained so much more confidence when travelling around more on my own, it really did me the world of good to push my own comfort zone and experience new places, meet new people and just simply be on my own at the other side of the world sometimes. Whenever I feel a little scared to do something, even now, I often remind myself of this time based in Sweden and that I can do anything really with a little nudge in the right direction. 


I also really enjoyed the Swedish way of living and their slower pace of life, in particular I loved being introduced to Fika- taking a little time out in the afternoon for a tea/ coffee and cake with friends, I definitely brought that little piece of Sweden home with me.


How would you describe you style? What is a must have piece that you can’t live without?


I would describe my style as vintage and a little bit quirky. I’m always drawn to a stand-out dress, I’m most comfortable in a midi dress and my all-time go to prints are gingham and polka dot. I find I sway between 50’s style in the Spring/ Summer and 60’s and 70’s in the Autumn/ Winter. 


My favourite designer is Coco Fennell and I have collected a lot of her amazing dresses over the years, one in particular is my failsafe party dress- it’s a black and white polka dot maxi wrap dress that I’ve had so many years now. It’s just a timeless dress that I always feel great in, I can’t wait to be able to wear it to another party, hopefully one day soon! 




I know you have some of our signature styles in your wardrobe. :) How did you find out about Miss L Fire?


I always remember being drawn to unique/vintage yet quirky styles in my teens, I’d often scour the internet to find independent brands who just did something different which is where my love of Miss L Fire’s standout shoes came from. I remember my first pair- red heels with a padded heart on the toe, they were the cutest shoes around! 



The world is preparing to go outside again, where is the first place are you thinking to go? Are you a seaside, urban or countryside kind of person?


I feel like I am all 3 in one, although during lockdown I have definitely missed trips to the seaside the most as it’s been a little out of reach. 


Living in Sheffield is really great as you get the best of both worlds with the vibrant city and the beautiful Peak District on the door step. Some days it’s nice to explore the city, leisurely strolling around, often picking up treats from an array of independent businesses, other days it’s nice to escape to the Peak District to enjoy the nature, fresh air and get some much needed perspective.


I do feel I’m in need of a road-trip to the usual spots along the North Yorkshire Coast with a picnic sometime soon, that would be lovely! I have really missed the sea and sand, there’s just something magical about spending a day beside the sea. 


You can follow Hayley on her trips IG @wherehayleygoes