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L Fire Loves - @Bstarfashion - Estrella De Loza

If you follow Miss L Fire on Social Media (and we hope that you do), you may have noticed our re-posts featuring the wonderful Estrella De Loza, otherwise known as @Bstarfashion. 

We certainly noticed that throughout this Covid-crazy year, Estrella has continued to brighten up our feed with colourful, inspiring, truly spirit-lifting outfit posts.

We recently caught up with Estrella (remotely, of course) to get her take on how to keep stylish and positive during this challenging time. We loved her answers to our questions and we hope that you will enjoy reading them.

Estrella, we absolutely love your style and how you mix vintage with modern. What started your love affair with fashion?

I was always a creative thinker as a child. My mother made the mistake of letting me pick my own clothes which often consisted of cowboy boots and mismatched patterns. It wasn’t until my older sister started taking me to second hand stores that I discovered different eras of clothing existed in the present. It opened up the flood gates to my obsession with clothing that ultimately led to a career in the Fashion Industry. 


Is there anyone in particular who inspires you?

I don’t know that there is a single person I could say inspires me, it’s always an interactive collage of things in my head that constantly changes. Old films are a huge inspiration. Art, both museum and/or street. Streetwear in places such as Tokyo, New York, and Paris. As well as a handful of Designers old and new such as Emma Domb, Suzy Perette, Chanel, Dior, Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, and street labels like Supreme, Stussy, and Off White.


We see that you love to collect vintage, how do you know where to go and find the best vintage threads?

It’s always a hunt. I worked day jobs at buy sell trade stores or vintage stores and was able to build my wardrobe largely from there early on. Building relationships with shop owners is major as you can get items held for you, or direct phone calls when something your size/style comes in. Then over time adding curated pieces from thrift stores, swap meets, consignment shops, vintage stores, rag mills,  small business owners on Instagram and Etsy, and resellers on apps such as Poshmark, Depop, and eBay.

How have you been keeping up your style during this time of Covid?

With the constant/consistent lockdowns, shipping delays, and being more strict with finances, I have actually reverted back to making clothing again. For the most part dresses in vintage styles in festive novelty fabrics. I hadn’t sewn for myself in years, so it has been a very fulfilling way to stay stylish during the pandemic.

How did you first discover Miss L Fire?

I was on the hunt for a pair of heels in a very specific color to match a 1950s Emma Domb cupcake prom dress. I stumbled across a pair of Miss L Fire heels in the perfect shade of muted coral pink with sea shell details on the sides. That led to an addiction to the quality and styles that is now over 40 pairs deep and counting. Bonus fact: I lost that first pair of heels in a house fire almost three years ago. I recently found them in my size on eBay and was able to replace them! The collection is whole again, until the next release of new styles. 


If there’s any wish you’d like to come true in 2021, what would that be?

Healing. Healing for those whose lives were affected by covid. For those who have faced systematic racism and inequality. For those who struggle with mental health issues. For those with chronic illness that are shut out by the healthcare system. For struggling business owners. I wish wholeheartedly that 2021 be a year of healing. 


For daily outfit inspiration, follow Estrella on Instagram : @Bstarfashion