Milan Editorial - the story behind it.

Milan is not only an important place for Miss L Fire – this is where we showcase twice a year during the biggest shoe show in the world, The Micam – it is also one of our absolute favourite places for its architecture, fashion, shopping, eating and drinking!

In this post we would like to share what we’ve been up to during our latest trip to the Fashion Capital of Italy. 

The main purpose of our trip to Milan was to have an editorial celebrating our collaboration with one of the most amazing concept store in the world: L’Arabesque. A ‘cult store’ as they define it themselves and we cannot disagree. Right in the heart of Milan a fine and researched world of beautiful clothing, shoes, 50s and 60s unique and original furniture, accessories, perfumes, authentic vintage jewellery. And this doesn’t stop here. There is a door connecting you to the café’ and La Librarie. Expect to eat and drink the most spectacular food and drinks in the café – it was the first time we tried edible flowers (yum!) – in an enchanting ambience of 40s, 50s and 60s furniture all around. The outstanding ‘La Librarie’ book store is in the same space, selling all those books you’re dreaming to have on your bookshelves: art, photography, interiors, architecture, fashion… but mainly and again unique and incredible books.


Behind this collection of handpicked pieces there is a woman we had the pleasure to meet at Micam: Chichi Meroni. L’arabesque is Chichi. If you ever had the pleasure to meet this incredible and inspiring woman you’d understand. She encapsulates the most fashionable and finest Milanese culture, transforming her life experience into a world of wonders.

For the exterior part of our editorial we went to the Villa reale, an outstanding example of neoclassical architecture. Built in  1790 and 1796 as the residence of Count Belgiojoso it hosts a Modern Art Gallery, English landscaped gardens and lovely restaurant we had our lunch, LuBar (with its awesome veranda dining room).

This is a hidden gem and if you’re ever in the city you must visit to escape the the traffic and crowded city centre. As you go through  the gates you enter a different world: the visual space and vibe is majestic but also relaxing. It’s one of our favourite spaces and incredibly inspiring.