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The Wanderlust Collection

The self is not something you find, but something you create on your journey. 


Miss L Fire is a woman born for an adventure. The woman with a chameleon soul, a shapeshifter with an appetite for exploration. The romantic, the dreamer, she believes in fate but she tells her own fortune.


For AW19, we took inspiration from our travels: the nexus of Miss L Fire. For this year, we are going to share our odyssey with you all, an experience of pure visual and emotional inspiration. Our fall collection stands as a contrast to last year’s – it’s unified, select and centric with very key focal pieces. These pieces perform together as whole to tell a story of those memorable scenes and locations of the bohemian L Fire lifestyle. Moving from summer towards fall, we bring you here a nomadic experience of our own personal memories. Some of a time past, time present and time future.



We believe that travelling is a source of self-discovery. As a consequence, we believe such inward reflection and mindfulness is key to the evolution of our creations and designs across the years. By returning once again to our ethos and mission, we gave form and life to understanding what we love most and translated it into the vehicle that we know best: shoes.



In our Autumn/Winter 2019 collection we have transmitted those feelings of finding yourself under a different sunlight, surrounded by all the diverse architecture, individuals, flavours, that the world can offer. Just as the burnt amber light of the autumnal sunset caresses the city silhouettes, and your eyes and cheeks flood with the fading warmth of the sun. In Autumn, both you and your clothes are cloaked with a golden shroud. How best to utilise this light and compliment this, is something we have taken into consideration.


Our Frida boots return this season in a beautiful teal metallic colour, reminiscent of the wild untameable Mediterranean ocean. Meanwhile, our Lana D’Orsay cut pumps come in four suede hues each with a triple band “shooting star” metallic strap. Perfect for the working woman on the go who needs an injection of spontaneity in her workwear.


Our aim this season was to encapsulate that all too familiar autumnal light the season can bring and transmute it into the design of our shoes. Such light compliments our geode and mineral inspired hues. These can be seen on our rust metallic Elinor ballet pumps, our copper and midnight sparkle Ambers, and wholesome organic tones in our suede Clarice heels. With pairing such contrasts together, we seek to bridge playful forms with the nostalgic evanescence the Autumn and Winter seasons hold.



Alexa is our brand new bestseller. Coming in three colourways, she is a romantically antique heritage boot. As our CEO Lynsey says, she is almost like the little sister to Frida. When we think of Alexa, we think of those serendipitous meetings and unexpected encounters you have on your adventures. When you’re wearing the boots, this feeling of confidence and vivacity is so contagious. What makes Alexa a little different to her big sister, are the offbeat, adorable ski hooks. These ultimately act to transform your whole look, giving you that globetrotting, independent and ready-to-go edge.  



Audrey is our new and much beloved brogue that has the charm, the versatility and durability characteristic of Miss L Fire - the makings of a classic. If you look closely you’ll find very sweet colour-contrast hearts and cutouts peppered all over. Double layered leather outsole and full leather lining – Audrey is also a comfortable style that gives your outfit that endearing quirk.


AW19 is a homage to those cities contributing to the life of L Fire, close to our hearts even if we are always on the move. The Wanderlust collection is alive with such a rootless energy. So much so that this season’s L Fire girl is a wandering force of nature, who shapes reality around her with every step. In essence, this collection is one of transience and rogue changeability, as each style enables the wearer to relive those sacred moments from their lives again and again. Even still now our shoes will create new memories whilst unearthing those from any neighbourhood street, cobbled country lane or city avenue.


What does it mean to live by L Fire? It’s a bohemian life. Both inside and outside of Miss L Fire, as individuals we are all constantly on the move. Moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, from Paris to Toulouse and London to Milan. To explain that movement is like you’re on a motorcycle going at a hundred miles per hour - and sometimes it feels like we never get off.  We’re always curious about those obscure little corners of the world and feel almost every day that we want to be somewhere else, where we’ve never been before. Some place we can be uninhibited, unapologetically and unremittingly ourselves. This is a feeling we think almost everyone shares, so of course we would want to our customers to feel as if their clothes comfortably illustrate their spirits.


We always take into consideration how all our customers want to express their creative souls as best they can. We wanted to conjure up this feeling in our collection that sometimes, we can’t even express or articulate. It is our ardent desire to live a never-ending journey, to venture and to roam beyond set boundaries.   


This collection represents aspects of every city we hold dear. From the allure and sophistication of the Parisian lifestyle, to the purity and the efficiency of the Scandinavian aesthetic in the interiors of Copenhagen. Also making an appearance you will find the colours and art-deco architecture of Los Angeles in the Californian sunlight, and you can even imagine the towering, sublime streets of New York moulding together into perfect geometries. We also return to the traditional and our own personal roots, where we mix aspects of contemporary design and fashion of Milan with the handmade power of Portugal’s craftsmanship.


We found ourselves lost, grew stronger together and came home with wanderlust.

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 Miss L Fire x