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Miss L Fire Comes To Milan: Lone Design Club // Salone Del Mobile

Written by Alexandra Dowell


Posted on 02 April 2019

In a collaboration with the empowering and experimental folks over at Lone Design Club, Miss L Fire is packing her suitcase and venturing over to our home away from home, Milan.


There will be an air of excitement and intrigue all around in Salone Del Mobile, as quirkily reclusive independent brands will be banding together in celebration of fellow home-grown brands such as ourselves. In efforts to create a more conscious consumer, the undercurrent and underlying message with LDC is to reinvigorate and reintroduce the conversation on sustainable fashion. In what LDC call an “antidote against fast fashion”, they will be showcasing high-quality items from designers in an act of inoculation against the clouded judgement and hive mentality of consumer madness. LDC seek to educate both businesses and consumers, fighting against the allure of cheap, low quality products with high turnover.


The vision is a hope that the attendees will leave au courant, feeling mindful and inspired to choose quality over quantity in promoting well-informed fashion philosophies and sustainable, durable practices. The focus is on what and who the brand is truly representing, not only the aesthetic or lifestyle they are selling. LDC is a community focused “family” of fashion devotees, who unite “independent designers in hosting experience-led concept stores”, placing such importance on “resource sharing” and connecting brands to their target audiences.


Thanks to the likes of social media, an industry that was originally predicated on bricks and mortar - fashion is now more or less being taken over by smaller, bohemian boutiques and businesses. Fashion giants grow increasingly concerned as their consumers are waking up to the reality that their customers can shop smarter, shop transparently and with an informed outlook. Waves of change have been permeating the waters of the fashion retail industry, fuelled by home truths about its consequences on the ecosystem, which we all share a responsibility to maintain. Miss L Fire will be collaborating with LDC in solidarity of this message.


 Members from all corners of the independent design world will be making an appearance 8th -14th April alongside many others, with handmade furniture, artisan jewellery, all manner of artwork and craftwork. We believe that the key to true happiness and continued success as a brand is surrounding yourself with those with the same shared enthusiasm for originality.


 We know the difficulty of establishing yourself as a smaller brand, coming from humble beginnings in working tirelessly to achieve the highest standard and quality that we know we can achieve. In doing so we appreciate and understand the dedication to detail that other brands conserve and inject into their respective industries.

 On our blogs and in our pop up stores we encourage our customers year after year to look after their L Fires, giving tips and well informed guidance on how to preserve, maintain and love our shoes so they last as long as they can. We’re excited to be a part of a dialogue surrounding sustainability and slow fashion, especially towards beginning collaborations and creating networks with like-minded designers who want to leave a legacy behind - not a footprint in the sand.

 We’re very excited to see you all at the Lone Design Club concept space in Milan from 8th - 14th April at Via Medici 2. We’ll be around 11-8pm – stay tuned via our Instagram @misslfire and Facebook for all exclusive information on this very special pop up! Links to the event pages are here.

 All our love, Miss L Fire x



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