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Miss L Fire SS19 Editorial : Mirage of Suburbia

In a small, quiet neighbourhood in California therein lies an oasis. Look beyond the picket fence, perch down on the warm roman tiled steps and you will gaze deeply into our little pool of inspiration. With the backyard gate swinging behind you and your tote clasped tightly in hand, the world of the suburban mirage awaits you.

For our SS19 editorial "Mirage of Suburbia", Miss L Fire has collaborated with the rest of the family of shops situated in the rolling hills in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, a remote but idyllic enclave in Mission Village, San Marino CA.  

You could describe the familial atmosphere as a culmination of generations of care and dedication from the tightly knit community who inhabit the village. The shops on Mission Street furthermore offer a distinctly Californian-chic vibe and bohemian shopping experience, one that Miss L Fire is delighted and proud to be a part of.
Model : @hannahlharding
Pictured : Miss L Fire Paloma in Natural

Among our collaborators are Single Stone San Marino, whose primary focus is to convey a no-fuss, experimental attitude to fine jewellery. Their aesthetic and focus is “never too precious and never too complicated,” to offer something for everyone in presenting an understated but largely contemporary collection. Single Stone encourages individualism, and with this the importance of sharing one’s style through subtlety by the little quirks in each person’s alternative vibe and singular personality traits.  This assertion of creativity in jewellery as a “luxurious extension of personal expression” acts to compliment several important features of styling. As communicated on their story, Single Stone balances the “bold and daring” statement, the minimalism of the “artfully refined” and the sentimentality of the “well-loved".

Serafina is also our neighbour on Mission Street. There is something quite special about the boutique, who stress importance of appealing to all the 5 senses. Sight, smell, taste and touch. Emphasising “California- chic”, their store offers a shopping experience of reprieve and relaxation. Amidst refreshments and other things, they offer personal styling, something Miss L Fire especially endorses and admires, as we too have much knowledge and advice to offer alongside our unique collections.

Although a small community of shops here at Mission Village, we are able to showcase such bespoke and artisan products at reasonable prices and tailor each customer’s experience to their specific desires. As such, Serafina’s drive is to seek collections that fit their lifestyle, “simple and timeless, classically chic with a look as individual as the wearer itself”.

Pictured : Isla Tan. Jewellery @shopsinglestone @pearls_sanmarino
Pictured above : Brigitte in Gold low heeled sandal
Pictured : Beatriz in Red
Pictured : Miss L Fire's bestselling Hepworth in Multi Metallic
Dress: @Zimmerman
Shoes: Miro in Scarlet
Dress @shopserafina : Shoes : @misslfire Paloma in Gold
For those a little unfamiliar with Mission Street, it is a sort of timeless space, somewhere with a very peculiar and fascinating monastic history which dates back quite a few hundred years. Much of this is still visible today by the classic emblematic and botanical architecture. With this in mind, the reason why our SS19 edit is called “Mirage of Suburbia” is because of the very much ensconced and hidden nature of this small community - it's a well kept secret which has so much to offer, more than what one might usually expect. Despite the metropolitan city stigma surrounding the quiet solitude of suburban living, the elegance and cultural milieu of Mission Village produces this sort of mirage. Visitors should enjoy the multitude of attractions offered at @theshopsatmissionvillage but expect a few welcome surprises, for the slumbersome and dreamy neighbourhood is only a guise for the true wonders that lie within.
Model:- Hannah Harding   -  Instagram :- @hannahlharding
Photographer :- Natalie Somekh @natsomphoto
Jewellry:-  Single Stone  @shopsinglestone
Clothing:-  Serafina :-    @shopserafina
     Heatherbloom   @heatherbloom
       Pearls   @pearls_sanmarino


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