MLF Journal

Miss L Fire: The Modernists



 Everything you can imagine is real – Pablo Picasso.


In Miss L Fire’s SS19 Collection, both beauty and function are married together in timeless elegance. In this year’s Spring/Summer Edit, we speak a vernacular that is heard and understood by all who appreciate creativity and beauty. Inspired by the ‘Picasso in 1932’ exhibition, we took Picasso’s relentless and ingenious reinvention and transmuted this energy into our ever-growing, vibrant philosophy. In SS19, we speak in geometrics and mechanisms, the language of shoes.


The collection is bound together in a harmonious existence, but also harkens back to a struggle between the two historic pillars of industry and agriculture. “The Modernists” stands distinct and unfazed by the compulsive and heavy influence of passing trends. In SS19, every deviation justifies itself to the eye –this collection is the result of meticulous and careful consideration. This deliberate thought shies away from vain “originality”, moreover the collection comes instead with a rich history behind it. We do not ignore the past, but instead look to the future with it always present in mind, ever sharpening our perception of what is new in our designs. This acts to relieve and accent the new intentions – we never leave our inspiration behind but adapt it through the years. Our designs, sanctioned by these thoughts and appealing to each individual aesthetic, we give you living, wearable art.


 At Miss L Fire we have created looks that are not contrived, but effortless and alluring. Each individual piece acts to compliment and delight the wearer, encompassing aspects from the past, the present and the future. We look over and beyond set boundaries. Learning from Picasso, we play with technological innovation and merge it with age-old methods of craftsmanship to create new, multi-faceted dimensions.   


Each piece in the collection appeals to a specific era and mood; the combination of elements in each shoe style is a collocation of contrasts and intersections. For instance, complimentary colours such as oranges, lilacs and blues are used together to create a high contrast – meanwhile our sandals in natural linens, raffias and loom woven fabrics represent the influence of agriculture and constant overarching influence of the past. These pieces in their simplicity and artisan construction almost act as a grounding tool to provide a juxtaposition and well-needed balance against the striking dazzling scarlets, citrus yellows and lime greens.


 This year at Miss L Fire there are endless possibilities, where we have made it our mission to immortalise and celebrate our own heritage whilst adding to that of the most renowned locations, writers, artists and inspirational men and women of Modernism. We do this by dedicating a shoe to them on our very own roster, each with subtle allusions to their stories and works. As you can see, we feature the likes of Barbara Hepworth, Beatriz Milhazes and Paloma, the daughter of Pablo Picasso.





One of the few British female artists and sculptors who rose to international fame and recognition, Barbara Hepworth’s sensuous and tactile imagination provided the basis of inspiration for our SS19 T Bar shoe. Coming in Green, Black, Nude/Gold and Multi Metallics, the shoes act to recall Hepworth’s predilection for the manipulation of light and utilising the absence of form, as well as presence.


 As Hepworth saw sculpting as compulsive, fluid and metamorphic, we see too the unlimited and infinite possibilities in using all kinds of materials to deliver a multitude of new forms and diverse subjects.




Another influence from the intellectual artistic community is none other than Beatriz Milhazes, a current modern artist who takes inspiration from her own Brazilian heritage and its rich artistic library, convalescing them with better-known 20th Century artists such as Matisse and Kandinsky. In referencing both indigenous Brazilian art and western Modernist art, she creates her own kaleidoscope of arabesque shapes in a struggle of harmony and dissonance. 


Milhazes’ work is rigorously structured, bringing to life motions and movements that in her own words, provide “activity for the eyes”. Our own Beatriz comes in 5 different colourways and humbly nods to her work through subtle details such as circular cutouts, dressed in a cross-layered upper of scalloped suede.   





Paloma Picasso, the daughter of perhaps the most prolific artist of the 20th century provided the inspiration for this style. Diverging from expectations, Paloma did not follow in the footsteps of her father but followed her own path and paved her own way into the world of fashion. Rather than regard herself as an artist, she calls herself “artistic” according to an interview some years ago with Harper’s Bazaar. Picasso dedicates herself to her customers, explaining that she thinks less of herself in her work but more for the happiness and satisfaction of the person she is adorning with her work. We see this operate in our own creative director, who takes into careful consideration mutually her own personal tastes and also requests the suggestions and inspiration of the whole L Fire family.


To be successful, Paloma cites humility, drive and resolve to advance career longevity. This is something we here at L Fire can wholly resonate with. As a company made up solely of creative and single-minded women, we loved her messages of mindfulness, survival instinct and her unequivocal embracing of all challenges, no matter how tough. Furthermore, we created a tasteful and charming homage with Paloma that we hope will live up to her name.





Once a hive for the minds of many musicians, sculptors and painters of the 20th Century, we created a shoe that remembers the French playground resort for the chic, the talented and the remarkable.




Across almost all of our new styles, you will also note our love affair with metallic hues, which are fast becoming an L Fire favourite. Rustic but feminine features are coalesced smoothly with durable, sound structures. However, our edges and details are soulful, not sterile. We stay true to our roots and imbue it with the characteristic L Fire magic with which you are all familiar.


Permeated with adventuresome spirit and sound structural integrity, we offer you a collection that both answers and again beckons the question, where is Miss L Fire going next?

Miss L Fire x