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Allison Young aka our favourite #redhead

From Nashville with love. Her suave and warm voice, her individual and inspirational style captivated us on Instagram. We had a chat with Allison, not just an artist, a real 'creator' of stories and positive feelings through the medium she loves the most: music. 
  We wanted to ask her a little more on her life, artistic projects, her own source of inspiration and how she styles her L Fire favourites.

ID card
My Name: Allison Young
My City: Nashville, Tennessee

My Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

My Song: “Fun, Fun, Fun” by The Beach Boys

My Sanctuary: Anywhere with a beautiful view!

My Mantra: Be kind, and choose happiness.

My Role Model: Dolly Parton

My Favourite L Fire Shoe: Grace black, white and gold
L: Indeed you are our favourite #redhead <3 We love your style, your voice and your whole vibe. As such we consider you as one of our inspirational women. So we would like to ask you a question we often ask ourselves:
Who is Allison Young?

A: I guess the best way to describe my self, is as a creator! I love creating anything by breaking boundaries and making people feel. As a musical artist, I love creating music that tells a story. I want to make music that people can relate to and find comfort in, because in a world of negativity and distance, I want to help people find positivity and silver linings! I also am heavily influenced by the looks and sounds from the 1940’s-1960’s and I think that the style shines through in my music and also in my brand. There is a very classic and beautiful element to the older styles of music and fashion which I simply adore!



L: Can you tell us a bit more about your life in Nashville as a songwriter and an artist?

A: I recently graduated college, and am at the beginning of the new chapter in my life! Right now I am writing music, making demos, and am playing shows around Nashville in the evening! I try to write at least two songs a week and collaborate with as many other artists as I can. The big “Music City” is so full of so many wonderful and extremely talented musicians, and to be honest, when I first moved here I was really intimidated. My music is a little different from the styles that are played in the bars and in the local venues around here, and so I tried to change my sound to try and fit in. I soon found out that trying to change myself to try and fit in was definitely NOT the answer. Being different is something beautiful, and my sound and look is what sets me apart! The year 2018 was full of ups and downs and I haven’t been releasing much at all, but 2019 is going to be full of some musical surprises!

L: Did you know who you wanted to be or was it a process? Where did it all start?


A: So, music has always been a huge part of my life ever since I was born. I’m so thankful for parents with such good music taste and I’m so glad they surrounded me with it growing up. I listened to music on cylinder records on my dad’s Edison Phonograph and also listened to my mom’s Beach Boys and The Beatles records.

I was a bit of a shy kid growing up, and I didn’t have too many friends before I started doing musical theater at age eleven. Starting from age three, my piano was my best friend and my escape for many years until I discovered singing and my love for performing. In sixth grade my mom forced me to audition for a local community theater’s production of “Annie”, and I”m so glad she did. Still to this day when I go back to my hometown, people still stop me at the grocery store and talk about that one time I played the beloved little redheaded orphan from all those years ago. I’ve realised that if someone is really impacted by music and a performance in that way and stillhas it fresh on their mind, I want to create my own music and impact people with my own words.

I picked up guitar in high school and started writing my my own music when I was fourteen years old. I studied voice and Theory/Composition, and after attending the university for a year, I realised that my dream of becoming a music teacher was dwindling; I wanted to be a part of the music industry... and is there a better place to do that than in Nashville?

I transferred colleges in 2015, and I attended Middle Tennessee State University where I got my degree in Music Business. I learned a lot about the industry from books, but more from the professors and their experiences. Being an artist, it’s always good to know the in’s and out’s of the industry because to be honest, the music industry is pretty brutal... but it’s fun!



L: What would you recommend to someone pursuing your chosen career, fellow songwriters in the world?

A: One of the best pieces of advice ever given to me, is that there will always, always, alwaysbe someone who doesn’t like your work. There will always be disapproving, negative, hateful people who will try to push you down. Their voices will be loud, but heck, you’re LOUDER! Listen to the people who lift you up, and listen to yourself and to your heart, because that’s all that really matters. Your happiness is important, and even if you try your hardest, the truth is that won’t please everyone. Don’t ever stop making music.
L: How does it feel being an influencer and a part of the Instagram community?

A: Instagram is a really interesting platform, and it has really been a beautiful place to express myself and to connect with like minded people! I started using Instagram back in 2011, when I saw other people (especially young women) my age embracing vintage fashion just like I did. I am from Morristown, Tennessee which is a pretty small town in the rural part of Appalachia; not a lot of people dressed in a way to express themselves all too much. When I saw girls wearing the same vintage styles I did, I felt a sense of acceptance and it made me feel more confident in myself.

Since then, I’ve been posting videos, photos, and stories of my lifestyle and music and how I embrace fashion and styles in my everyday life. I looked up to a lot of large instagram influencers in high school and I wanted to be a positive and inspiring person like they were... so, here we are!

Every time I get a message or a comment asking for my advice, it makes me feel so appreciated! I am so thankful for the people who support me and lift me up; I am so darn lucky.

It’s so wonderful to feel like I have a voice and that what I say, matters to someone. It’s awesome to connect with a people who care about something as much as you do, right? I feel like instagram is so wonderful because there is such a large community of creative people who are always willing to help others.



L: We really connect with your lyrics “The more we grow the more that we think we know, but we’re always young”

Who did you write “Old Friend” for? Or was it a projection of your own personal emotions and your life experiences?

A: The song “Old Friend” isn’t about just one specific person, but more about all of the “best friends” that I had through my childhood that I’ve lost touch with. I love the simplicity and the innocence that we once had as children and I honestly think if we lose all aspects of our childlike wonder, then we lose ourselves.

L: What do you particularly enjoy writing about? Where do you find your inspiration?

A:I enjoy writing about the hardships and triumphs of this life. Love and loss, joy and sorrow, and I think that those are emotions that everyone can relate to. In my music, some of my songs are quite sad, and some of the stories that I write don’t have very happy endings, because sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. Whether the song is sad or happy, I always give my music an element of light, because even if things don’t work out, everything happens for a reason; everything will be okay. I want to write music that gives people a feeling of hope and belonging.



    L: What is your next project? Could you give us a little hint?

    A: Next year I will be releasing some singles around autumn.

    L: Who influences you the most and who inspires you?

    A: The artist that inspired me to pick up a guitar and write music was Ingrid Michaelson. I adore her sound and her writing style!  Also, being around so much music in Nashville, I am also inspired by all of my friends and the people around me. Everyone is so wonderful and creative and it keeps me going!
    L: What do you dream about?
    A: I dream about making a difference, whether it’s big or small. I want to be the reason someone sees more sunny days, or maybe one day I can be able to be a big contributor to help a large cause. I just hope to make a impact in someone’s life.
    L: How would you describe your style? E.g vintage, contemporary, avant-garde/experimental?

    I would describe my style as whimsical vintage! I love the classic styles from the 1940’s-1960’s, but I like using a bit more color and sparkle!


    L: With shoes which is your staple style? Do you prioritize comfort and practicality? Or do you tend to go wild in your choices?

    A: Okay, so I looked in my closet the other day and realized I have an unreasonable amount of black leather shoes. I don’t know how it happened, but I think a classic black leather shoe pretty much goes with everything. I pretty much always wear some sort of heel, as I am a shorter gal and wearing heels makes me feel pretty, confident, and important. I love the clicks that heels make when I walk... as my sister would say “It’s the sound of authority and importance hitting the floor”.

    I have gotten a lot more red, green, and yellow shoes to add a bit of a pop of colour to my outfits! I have worn the “Patty Mustard” shoe by Miss L Fire and gee, I’ve gotten more compliments on my shoes than I ever have before!


    L: Which Miss L Fire shoe would you say represents you the most?

    A: I absolutely LOVE the “Grace” shoe. I think this shoe represents me because it’s something simple and classic with a bit of quirk to it. The shape is stunning, and I love the 1930’s art deco style with the colour blocking details. I love that bit of quirkiness with the zig-zag overlay that just makes them a knock-out! I’ve worn them swing dancing, and they’re just so much fun!



    Thanks a million Allison to have inspired us with your words and spreading the love for L Fire.

    Love, Miss L Fire x

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    Pictures by Jasmine Weatherspoon

    All pictures are copyright reserved.