MLF Journal

Our Portuguese Handbag collection - the story behind it.

“When you visit a country, visit the forgotten artisans of the narrow streets because they are the ones who made that country! Do this, not to honour them but to honour yourself!” 
― Mehmet Murat ildan

On a recent factory visit to Portugal, we tracked down two incredible Artisanal Handbag makers, and have collaborated with them to bring you our latest handbag collection.

Made in small batches, in amazing, rustic workshops, these bags follow patterns and  techniques which are well over 100 years old. Our rectangular shaped reed handbag is made by Maria on a 100+ year old loom. Reeds are gathered from the makers own fields, dried and dyed in-house. Maria learned the technique from her parents and is continuing the tradition through her own workshop. Demand for her bags has been so great that she is now training two new apprentices!

Our second collaboration is with Paola, who works with Rattan to create beautiful basket-style handbags. Again, she is using traditional , age old techniques, and limited production runs. Due to the natural materials and entirely machine-free production process, each piece Paola creates is unique.

Check out the accessories section on our website for more details of this beautiful new collection.