Softer than Satin was the Light - As it happened

Gramophones, diamonds, velvet nostalgia and satin dreams.
The balance between visual intensity and striking but subtle simplicity.

For this year’s November editorial, we explored and experimented in the liminal space between the contemporary and the archaic.
The atmosphere we wished to create was one of uninhibited imagination, a somnambulistic pastel haze.

This feeling of hypnotic fluid creativity and freedom was certainly tangible and contagious. 

Miss L Fire Pamela

Miss L Fire Grace

We wished to uphold both classical traditions whilst including contemporary forms like that of Henri Matisse. The inner rebel he was is very much parallel to that rebel inside every woman that we both nurture and suppress.
So during this edit, us girls kicked back in all our booties, pumps and platform heels and abandoned our cares.
We devil-may-care girls relaxed, threw balloons in the air and sang along wildly to Queen and David Bowie.

As there were a few new faces on set, we got to know each other and ended up dancing and laughing and sharing our thoughts and ideas about everything, from pop culture to weekend plans and fashion favorites!

Miss L Fire Kitty

Miss L Fire Amber

Miss L Fire June

Here at L Fire we believe our femininity gives us an edge and that special ‘something else’. We live in the era of fast fashion where fashion trends and elements of historical artistry are picked up and dropped the next day.
However, we at Miss L Fire have a strong respect for nostalgia, whilst also embracing the modern and finding a balance to illustrate how vintage styles penetrate every facet and corner of today’s fashion market.

Miss L Fire

The brand has come a long way since 2005, and in the meantimewe have left some of our old influences and comforts behind and instead chosen to regenerate and mould ourselves to be more inclusive and celebratory of change.

Miss L Fire Frida bronze
 This shoot encompassed this feeling of nostalgia and loss, how finding yourself is not a destination as it is rather more a process. Much like the season of Autumn is about renewal and rebirth, this felt very much like our own little renaissance. We feel that we have after many years found our own perfect neutrality and medium.  In youthwe must make mistakes so that in maturity we may learn.

Miss L Fire Jean

Miss L Fire

Miss L Fire

But then again, as Pablo Picasso once said “Youth has no age.” We are always learning, ever-evolving and loving life. Like a flame burning brightly, that is who Miss L Fire really is.

Miss L Fire