MLF Journal

The learning curve of doing things the right way.

It’s 5 pm London time, 9 am LA time our teams split on two different sides of the world meet over videocall to plan, check, adjust, change.
It’s vital for us to do this every day to take decisions together.
Our decision making is very much regulated by the world we live in, we embrace what surrounds us and it’s a constant learning curve.
Changing and adapting isn’t the easy.  It’s challenging because we each have values and emotions that we can’t deny but I also feel that this is the beauty of L Fire;  we give voice, always to our ethics and passions.
We’ve never been hungry to conquer the global shoe market, we have always followed our hearts and enjoyed what we love to do most: shoes.
We are grateful for having a job that makes us wake up eager each day and gives us a livelihood and personal reward.
In a small company like ours we stay grounded and we can preserve our objective: control what we produce and do it consciously.
Consciously means, for us, thinking and actively taking care of each step involved in making our shoes: creating designs that represent our individual aesthetic, producing in a family run factory, who treasure shoemaking and its workers, minimise our impact on the environment by optimising and condensing materials, transportation and packaging, and finally giving transparency in the way we vocalise our company’s procedures.
We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating ways to make our designs the right way and we continue to learn and educate ourselves on the issues that this planet is facing. We don’t have access to all the resources that big corporations might have but we have the power of stopping, listening, watching. Each day we are making ourselves more aware of the world we live in.
Adopting new and better practices means lots of small steps;  we cannot claim we are 100% sustainable right now. We have to be realistic and honest about our goals. It’s a process of growth towards ever more environmentally friendly actions.
We are incredibly thankful to Nature, one of our most significant sources of inspiration. If you are reading this you probably know that botanical and marine themes have often appeared in our collections. We hope that over the years, we have managed to illustrate, through our designs, our idea of a wonderful and spectacular Nature. One that we respect and celebrate.
During one of our latest virtual meetings we took the decision to make another step in the way we are acting towards Nature. The conclusion was that we should donate part of the sales of our Super Nature collection to a cause we all felt close to.
Brazil is a vital partner to our business, a country close to our hearts because of the kindness, knowledge and craftsmenship with which they produce our shoes. The prosperity and well-being of this country (and the planet! The Amazon is at the heart of global climate concerns) depends on the conservation of their wonderful natural resource that is their Rainforest.
We have picked to donate to WWF UK: actively urging support for the protection of the nature and habitat of millions of species of the Amazon rainforest. Via Work for Good – a fundraising platform that manages to link small businesses and charities – we commit to donate £ 5 from every sale of our Super Nature collection
We hope as well we can help raise awareness in WWF’s Amazon appeal, you can learn more here:
Some further interesting reads:
We also would like to re-confirm our ongoing commitment to be better. Here’s what we’re doing :-
* UK web bags remain compostable and USA web boxes recyclable.
* Plastic in our packaging has been reduced by 95% in the past 18 months (the only plastic we use is on the bottom of the shoes, and the pouch we use for courier documents).
* We are selecting non-chrome tanned leather where possible / and are using more veg-tanned leathers.
* We are about to launch a new collection (Nine Yards) with uppers made from 100% recycled cotton. 
* For SS 22, we are working towards introducing more styles to the collection on which use recycled or naturally sourced / sustainable materials such as jute and raffia on the uppers. We will are also working on fully Vegan/ no plastic/non leather styles for 2022.
There is still work to be done, we won’t be standing still and we will make sure to share with our community all additional initiatives, as and when they are implemented.
Happy Earth Day!
L Fire Team