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Tagged: Covid-19

  • Miss L Fire SS21 editorial fashion shoot

    Behind the Scenes at our latest editorial shoot - with our model, and small business owner, Mikelle Roest.

    When planning our latest editorial shoot, we knew we wanted a truly home-spun, natural vibe, reflective of the at-home cocoon that we have all wrapped around ourselves this past year.

    As with most L Fire shoots, we were also keen  to feature a 'real' person, with their own story to share, as our model. 

    Enter Mikelle Roest - super cute, rock-and-roll Instagrammer with her own eco-conscious vegan candle business.

  • Goodbye 2020 - An open letter from Miss L Fire

    Goodbye 2020 - An open letter from Miss L Fire

    I think it is safe to assume that for most of us, 2020 has not exactly been a stellar year. Know that when you spend your hard-earned pounds euros or dollars with us, you are helping to keep Miss L Fire alive, and on a more personal note, you are keeping our L Fire family together – keeping our team of four in work.